Get Your Bearings

Conscious creation is easier when you understand the relationship between our physical space-time reality and the non-physical world we can only perceive with our inner intuitive senses.

Three-Dimensional Space-Time Reality

The physical world around us is something we can touch, smell, see, feel, and taste with our five physical senses which, interestingly enough, are perfectly attuned to perceive physical reality. The information that our physical senses report is so compelling we often forget that the physical world is only a small part of our existance.

We discount the information our non-physical/inner senses report because they speak with a subtle voice. To be a conscious creator, you must learn to cultivate and value your inner senses more than your physical senses.

Physical and Non-Physical

Centuries ago, when science exerted the power of reason over the chaos of superstition, mankind lost his confidence in his inner voice because it could not be neutrally observed, quantified, or reproduced in a laboratory (although they've tried!). As a result, the vast and rich resource our inner senses offer have become virtually inaccessible to so many people, especially in Western societies.

Fortunately, science is catching up with the mystics thanks to Quantum Physics. Scientists are grappling with the disturbing notion that the physical world exists within a greater whole that includes everything that is physical and non-physical. Not the other way around.

In other words, the physical world we know is a subset of the non-physical. What we can sense with our physical senses is therefore created by that which we can only perceive with our inner senses.

What this means is that the energy that composes our physical world is created and maintained by energy which is non-physical. The physical world can not exist without the orginating non-physical energy and probability wave-form of information that collapses to become the physical energy manifestation our physical senses can perceive. However, the non-physical does not need the physical to exist.


Like Truman Burbank in the movie The Truman Show, most of us aren’t aware that the galactic community we live in—our home, our country, the Earth, the stars—is a physical stage (kudos to Shakespeare) erected by the non-physical. When we wake up to this truth we can begin to sense the writers, producers, and directors behind the scenes with our inner senses. However, unlike Truman, what we discover is that we are the writers, producers and directors of the show itself.

They don’t teach us this in school. But your geometry teacher probably taught you how the three dimensions---length, height, and depth--describe our physical Universe. When you begin to Remember Who You Are, you realize that the three dimensions also CONFINE our concepts of reality. They form the framework of the home we live in called our physical Universe. But they do not describe the hyper-dimensional streets or the unimaginably astounding community that exists beyond our physical front door.

This confinement is like watching one television channel at a time. It is necessary (to a point) because being aware of more than three dimensions, while in a human body, would drastically change our reality, not to mention our everyday lives! It would be like trying to watch multiple television channels at the same time. Fun for a few moments, but not something you can keep doing if you want to enjoy the plot or details of any of the programs!

Science fiction writers have imagined that time may be the fourth dimension, and while this is an intriguing idea, time doesn’t meet the criteria that defines a physical dimension. However, it may be a non-physical dimension or inner sense that helps us have meaningful experiences within a physical world by splitting the “eternal now” into past, present, and future perceptions.

To help us understand how the stage we live in works, let’s have some fun by starting at the beginning.

The three dimensions are Length, Height, and Depth.

Our Three Dimensions

Seems pretty straightforward and concrete. Now let’s look at how the dimensions are defined.

First, take a hypothetical point, somewhere in the vastness of space, pick a point—any point will do. Just give it a location, no mass, no thickness, no properties at all because it is merely a location, not a thing. Think of it as simply a placeholder.

Now, repeat that point an infinite number of times in any one direction away from its starting location.

The First Dimension is Length

This repetition of a locational point = length, and gives us the x-axis and the first dimension. It is represented by a line.

Height, the y-axis and second dimension, is formed by an infinite repetition of a line in one direction away from its starting location (say 90 degrees). This is called a surface.

The Second Dimension is Height

It’s interesting to note that there are no pure or absolute lines or surfaces in our universe because all objects that we can perceive with our five senses or instruments (designed to be useful to our five senses) must have some value in all three dimensions.

So it follows that the third dimension, the z-axis, is formed by the infinite repetition of a surface in a direction away from its starting location (say 90 degrees).

The completion of the z-axis is represented by a cube or any three dimensional object.

The Third Dimension is Depth

Our physical Universe is constructed within these three dimensions. They define, confine, and support the fundamental physical framework of our world. But our existence in this construction is only a part of who we are.

Can you imagine what the fourth dimension is? Wouldn’t it be represented by the infinite repetition of a three-dimensional object moving along an axis in a direction away from its starting location?


Some people can kind of intuit what this “thingy” might look like, but would you need four-dimensional eyes to see it?

Where are we anyway?

We live in a three-dimensional space-time universe perfectly tailored to our ability to perceive it. However, the hypothetical locational point we used to define a line in the first place is, after all, just a useful concept.

The questions that fascinate modern scientists include, “Could there be dimensions that elude our ability to perceive them?” “Could there be a zero-dimensional universe?” "An eleven-dimensional universe"?

Could what lies outside or beyond our physical Universe be the unified field that ever eluded Einstein? Could this field, the basis of all existence, be Consciousness? The mystics would answer, “Of course.”

One last tickler for hanging in there:

With apologies to Carl Sagan, I offer the following exercise; given his supposition of beings that exist only in the lower dimensions...

If a two-dimensional surface passed through a one-dimensional being, it could feel or intuit its presence with its inner senses, but it could never actually detect it with its one-dimensional senses because the surface extends beyond its universe.

If a three-dimensional object passed through a two-dimensional being, it could only feel or intuit its presence, but it could never actually detect it with its two-dimensional senses because the object extends beyond its universe.

If a four-dimensional “thingy” were to pass through a three-dimensional being (like you and me), we could only feel or intuit its presence, but we could never actually detect it with our three-dimensional senses because the “thingy” extends beyond our universe.

So how can we feel or intuit what extends beyond our physical universe yet not detect it with our physical senses?

Our bodies can only convey electro/bio/chemical coded information to our brains for processing. But the interpreter, the source of our perceptual perspective, our consciousness if you will, extends beyond the realm of the physical universe.

Can we be aware of what lies beyond the physical because consciousness, the seat of our awareness, is who we really are?