Remember Who You Are

Quantum Exploration

"...ALL THAT IS seemingly scatters its omnipotence into new patterns of being that, in your terms, remember their source and look back to it longingly, while still glorifying in the unique individuality that is their own."
Seth: The Nature of Personal Reality - Jane Roberts

The key to consciously using the Law of Attraction is to remember who you are. Whether you appreciate this reminder or it’s the opposite of what you’ve been taught, if you are reading this, on some level you are ready to see the world with new eyes.

Simply put, your thoughts create your reality because…

You are of GOD, the I AM THAT I AM, the ALL THAT IS

You are part of the infinite ocean of pure potential where all things are possible. You also are an Energy Being, an individualized vibration of God which gives you a unique perspective.

As an Energy Being, you can perceive what is and what is not a part of your unique perspective.

Everything springs from God Consciousness. You, the stars above, and the thoughts you think are of the absolute origin, ultimate unified field, membrane, and fabric of our Universe. You are of the Source of all awareness which is everywhere at all times.

As an Energy Being, you are an individualized expression of God. When you came to Earth you forgot who you are so that you could, through life experience, expand God Consciousness by turning what could be (potential) into what is (reality).

Your life on Earth is about experiencing a physical world of conditions that cause you to ask for more than what is. Your thoughts and actions are energetic vibrations that cause an aspect of infinite potential (God Consciousness) to become physical reality. As an Energy Being, it is your attention and expectation that brings it into being.

"When you offer a vibration, the Universal forces are working in concert with each other in order to satisfy you. You really are the center of the Universe."

Freedom for All

God Consciousness is objective, impartial, and granting of well being to all. Your existence as an Energy Being is not limited to one physical life experience. What you think and do on Earth as a physical expression of God Consciousness is not judged by God Consciousness. Your Earth existence is a celebrated part of the whole, no matter what.

Judgment and condemnation are subjective, fear-based responses to conditions that seem threatening when you have forgotten who you really are. When you remember who you are, fear and judgment just get in your way.

Your best friend is the Law of Attraction Principles which governs the way potential becomes reality. It is objective and impartial, and applies to everyone at all times. Without it, free will would not be possible.

The gap between who you really are and who you are being is a perceptual illusion that is keeping you from expecting and receiving the good things you deserve. To change your life, do all you can to remember who you really are and seek inspiration for your actions, which comes from your eternal nature (inside of you), rather than external motivation, which is prompted by the ever changing conditions around you.

Close the Gap

To close the gap, you have to let go of the outdated concepts and limiting beliefs you learn from those who do not remember who they really are.

It helps to understand that most humans are afraid of remembering who they really are because their family, religious, and political authorities have used fear and criticism to control them. However, we always have the mental freedom to buy into their tactics or not. Think about war survivors who refused to succum to torture and the propaganda of their time! These are our ancestors who blazed the heoric trails we can only imagine.

Happily, over the centuries, the cumulative desires of mankind have given birth to the benefits of modern science and psychology. In many parts of the world, we demanded the freedom to determine our own lives. Modern democracy, the abolition of slavery, the fall of communism and dictatorships, and technology have allowed us to enjoy longer lives and a higher standard of living (even considering the drawbacks).

This progress is evidence of our collective evolution. Together with our ancestors, we are turning potential into a new form of reality. Our children and future generations will build on our advances and live lives we can barely imagine today.

My question is, are you ready to let go of the old world restrictions that are controlling you through fear and holding you back today? Are you ready to sail across the endless ocean of which you are a part, or do you still believe the Earth is flat and that you must cling to the shore??

Are you ready to catch even just an inkling of the power and deliciousness that is within you and everyone else?

If you are, you will never have cause to regret it. What you will learn is that all is well, there is no danger, and that you are loved by your Creator beyond measure. You will learn to see things with new eyes, an open heart, and a mind full of brilliant ideas. Your energy level, your health, and your ability to get out there and do what you want will seem like magic to those who are afraid of the ocean. You won’t care if they approve of you because you will see how much they want to be like you!

As this Practice is the foundation for the others, I’ve included a brief exploration of quantum theory and the relationship between matter, energy, and consciousness. I find scientific explanations can help us organize our thoughts around metaphysical principles, especially as scientists get closer to the top of the mountain climbed ages ago by the mystics.

Quantum Exploration

Science tells us that everything is made of energy. The atoms and molecules of your body, the chair beneath you, and the stars above you are actually made of highly complex arrangements of tiny packets of energy (quanta) with great distances (relatively speaking) between them.

But what is energy?

Quantum theorists now seriously suspect that energy has no physical origin. The closer we look at the composition of energy, the faster its physical properties disappear. At the sub-atomic level, packets of energy pop in and out of existence, vibrate at certain speeds, spin in peculiar directions, and communicate instantaneously across vast distances. According to Einstein, this is impossible in a three-dimensional space-time universe, so much of what creates our physical world must be taking place beyond the realm of physicality!

When you dig down deep enough, energy is affected by the expectations of the observer and Newtonian physics does not apply. Energy can only be described in terms of “wave-forms of information” that contain undetermined potentials (uncertainties), probabilities, and relationships with other wave-forms. The wave-forms collapse to become physical energy quantum packets in agreement with other energy packets when an observer expects to perceive an outcome. Energy only becomes physical matter when we step back and look at the big picture.

A popular theory with quantum scientists is that our Universe was created by a collision of two or more hyper-dimensional membranes (infinitely large wave-forms of information). The collective implosion of these membranes created our three-dimensions and caused the Big Bang of vibrating energy that composes our Universe.

The merging of these membranes formed the basis and background “energy fabric” of our reality. Some scientists even suggest that this fabric may be conscious, or that the fabric of our Universe is actually consciousness itself, as consciousness is the only "unified field” that can accommodate the properties and behavior of energy at both non-physical and physical levels. All information and potential, i.e., energy, is born from this all encompassing, ever-present consciousness! Sound familiar?

From consciousness to energy…

Consciousness, the non-physical origin of all, or pure potential, becomes physical energy by embedding vibrational information in wave-forms that collapse into particles when they enter our three-dimensional Universe. (A biological parallel would be to think of vibrational information as Reality DNA.) These particles arrange themselves to become stars, planets, plants, animals, opportunities, and people according to the information embedded in their wave-forms. All energy, and therefore all matter, is consciousness being realized.

You are an individuated consciousness who, as a part of God, has self awareness and free will. Your thoughts are vibrations that affect the fabric of the Universe and cause wave-form potentials to become reality. Your ‘dominion’ over this process is orchestrated by the Law of Attraction.

If your eyes are glazing over you can skip this part, but if you want to dig a little deeper it’s pretty cool...

All potential for the expression of God Consciousness, the origin of all experience, exists outside of our time-space reality (physicality).

Every possible thought, action, result, relationship, interaction, and outcome—infinitely compounded—exists in God Consciousness as a hyper-dimensional construct until the attention of an individuated consciousness (such as a human) focuses on an outcome and expects it to occur. If his expectation is sufficient and not neutralized by contradictory vibrations (beliefs or thoughts), his focus causes the construct to expand until it enters our physical world and becomes energy. That energy is attracted to the energy of the consciousness who focused on it, and it appears as the expected outcome. Law of Attraction 101!

Every thought and action fulfills the potential for a specific expression of consciousness. As consciousness is infinite, every fulfillment of potential creates an infinite number of new possible universes in which different decisions and actions may take place to fulfill the newly created potential.

It is mind boggling to think that everything we think and do creates an infinite number of alternate universes where we make other decisions and take different actions. But when I consider that God Consciousness is unlimited by its nature, I find it reassuring to know that I AM so much more than this singular mind in this singular body!

How This Applies to You

What you want already exists as potential in God Consciousness, where all things are possible. To attract it into your reality, focus on it and expect it to appear. You don’t have to earn it, be worthy of it, or sacrifice anything for it, because you are “it” in essence, you are connected to it by virtue of who you are.

Let your heart’s desire come to you by not resisting or restricting it with limiting beliefs. If you block it because you don’t believe you are good enough to have it, then you are not remembering who you really are. If you block it because you don’t think there is enough of it to go around, then you are not remembering who you are and who everyone else really is. If you block it because you think there is only one way to get there, one specific person for you, or one solution to your situation, then your control issues are keeping you from remembering the unlimited resources that are your birthright.

If you’ve stuck with me this far you have a better idea of how the Law of Attraction works. Consciously using it to create a better reality is what this website is all about. Take on the Practices that appeal to you and go easy until your life begins unfolding according to your own vision. Relax into the process. Success comes from who you are, for what you do flows from there.

Trust in God and thus in yourself and take your steps in faith. Despite the way conditions may seem, focus on what you want and give thanks for receiving what you've asked for, especially before you have it. If you are worrying about the way things are now rather than eagerly anticipating the way things are going to be, you are doubting who you are and resisting the very things you deserve to have including health, abundance, peace of mind, and loving relationships.

Remember, your role is to desire and trust. It's up to God Consciousness, from which you spring, to turn potential into reality for you, if you allow it! If everything was perfect now, you would soon be bored, uninspired, and have nothing left to do!

When you remember who you are, you are compelled to make feeling good about yourself you number-one priority. You naturally keep your eye on the goal and let the Law of Attraction work out the details along the way. When your mind and heart are open you don’t limit your options or create resistance. Good stuff flows to you, through you, and as you!

There is no need to panic or fret about anything. There is no virtue in worrying and no benefit in denying yourself. In fact, it will keep you from attracting what you want!

Of all the Practices, this is the most powerful and it requires the highest act of courage because whatever is going on in your life, it requires you to turn away from fear and toward the magnificence of who you really are. It’s also the most effective form of prayer because…